Friday 11 October 2019

Instagram & Embracing YOU

She back! And for the first time not having a mental breakdown! I’m here to talk about embracing your body and my own dealings with it - I  won’t go into detail about my own struggles just know they were there and it’s taken YEARS for me to finally be happy where I am now.

 If you’ve seen my Instagram you’ll know I’m all for embracing your body, but I always get asked why do you do that? Are you doing it for male attention? Aren’t you scared of your family or future employer seeing that? And people assuming I want to fuck them just because I show a bit of skin??? - that’s sense of entitlement is something I’ll never understand.

So I wanted to clarify why I personally post pictures of my body and how it has helped me embrace myself and maybe it can help someone else too. 

Alright, let’s get straight into it - I post what I post because it personally empowers me. I have spent years trying to accept myself and now that I’m finally there of course I want to show off my body - who wouldn’t? And for me I see the female body as art, I LOVE women (literally) and I don’t think I’ll ever stop being fascinated by how beautiful they are. 

I used to negatively compare myself to the women I followed on Instagram - thinking why can’t I look like that? Who is ever going to want me when they can see these girls and realise I’m not even close to being enough? It’s crazy how who you follow CAN affect your perspective of self-worth. 

Despite the toxicity that Instagram can bring if you get too caught up in following the wrong kind of people, it can also bring so much good. My advice is if you are following someone and every time you see their post it makes YOU feel bad about yourself unfollow them, so simple yet so effective. Have a clean out of all the people that make you feel negative and replace them for people that genuinely inspire you! For me it’s women such as Em Rata, Alexis Ren, Kylie Jenner, even the Playboy Instagram account - seeing women so comfortable in their bodies fuels me to feel more empowered to be comfortable in mine. 

Even if you aren’t the type to get your clothes off you can still feel the same empowerment. Take yourself out for dinner, a drink, or a day trip, spend the day doing exactly whatever the fuck you want to do, throw on a killer outfit - it’s crazy the difference it makes when you feel comfortable and confident in the clothes you’re wearing. Keep your chin up when you walk, find your inner savage, be super selective who you surround yourself with, say NO more often. Living life entirely on your terms makes you naturally more secure in who you are.

Another thing I’ve found too is music - when you feel a bit sad and a bit insecure, I feel like we gravitate towards music that has a bit more of a sad tone which doesn’t help the situation at all - unless you’re trying to encourage a good cry, then it works perfectly. Listen to feel good songs, a few of my favourites are: 

Lizzo - Truth Hurts
TLC - No Scrubs 
Doja Cat - Juicy (not the tyga version)
Jorja Smith - Be Honest 
Franc Moody - She’s Too Good For Me
The Internet - Girl

All songs that tell you that you are the one, you don’t need to rely on anyone else, and anyone that comes into your life is LUCKY to be there and you deserve nothing less than the best - it did wonders for me.

Also want to give a shout out to the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast, it is hilarious and has some home truths for both men and women - would 100% recommend giving it a listen. 

To conclude this, do whatever makes YOU feel good and comfortable, post what you want, peoples opinions aren’t a reflection of who you are, and stop being complacent. Add the word no to your vocabulary and stop trying to please everyone!!

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