Sunday 5 January 2020

Growing Up In Style

I cannot believe I started this blog 6 years ago! I can't believe I'm still here tapping away 6 years later! I haven't been the most tentative in recent years but that's all because growing up got in the way. 

This month marks my 23rd birthday, and I refuse to believe it. It's insane how quickly your life starts going by as soon as you're out of education. If you're fresh out of college reading this CHERISH EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR YOUTH. As quickly as I've grown up, my taste in clothes has also grown. I find now my wardrobe is predominantly full of coats, gowns, and work-appropriate shirts. 

In honour of my growth, courtsey of the Instagram Archive, here are some of my throwback looks. If only 17/18 year old me could see my wardrobe now! 

Trying to define your style in your 20s is difficult, trying to strike a balance of not dressing too young or beyond your years, but also finding something that you actually want to wear is a challenge. I've experimented with so many different colours, patterns and styles in the last year alone trying to find one that defines me - but these little moments of identity crisis have actually helped push me to try things I would never have taken a second look at before, and has shown me that I don't always need to have my boobs, stomach, and legs on show to feel good about myself. 

My aspirations for 23 year old me are to finally feel myself again in my closet, and feel comfortable in what I wear and to disregard any negative opinions. My 20s have taught me the only person who really matters is you, and you have to do what you feel is best to make you happy. 

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