Thursday 31 January 2019


If you read my 2018 recap you would've seen that I visited Paris! It was so wonderful. We went close to Christmas so there was an extra sparkle of magic in the air. 

I ate scallops at Le Coq, drank a lot of french vin rouge, swooned over the Eiffel tower glistening (first time I've ever seen it in my life!), wandered around and managed to see every landmark within our short 48 hour trip. 

As this was a budget holiday I don't have much to say in terms of recommendations, we stayed in the Pullman Paris hotel, we had the most incredible view, room, and balcony and gave us such a comfy stay. The restaurant/bar in the hotel was amazing too, and the staff were so lovely, I would highly recommend. However, in the area surrounding there are lots of people trying to pull you in to buy nicknacks, as with many areas of Paris but it's something to watch out for as they can be quite forceful. I'd also advise getting a metro ticket (ours were 25 euros for 48 hours) as it's the quickest way to travel. 

Explore and wander, as every street is beautiful and you never know what you'll come across! 

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