Sunday 10 February 2019

Sweater Weather

I can't begin to express how happy I feel that we're only a month away from spring. I've missed the warmth, the lighter evenings, spring afternoons. I mean last march it did snow, but that's not the point. The start of spring means the clocks will be going forward and the evenings will be lighter, the trees will start growing their leaves again, everything is so much nicer during spring/summer. 

This includes the wardrobe. I hate being covered up (if you follow me on instagram, you'll definitely know this) and I really don't feel myself in winter when all I can wear is layers upon layers, almost makes me feel trapped. But when it's sunny and warm, it's all floating dresses, skirts, bikinis, I'm so ready. 

This year, I'm attempting to be more conscious of my footprint when it keeps to fast-fashion. I went through a stage of ordering new clothes every month, wearing it once and forgetting about it. Not only was it an unhealthy habit for my bank account, it was also unhealthy on the environment. I want to invest in staple clothes that will be in my wardrobe for a long time and that I can rework with a variety of different outfits. Things that I can reuse for years to come. Being 22 now, I've also reached my peak. I'm really going to be 5ft 2 forever. 

So this is me doing just that. This is an outfit you have definitely seen before. I've had this ribbed jumper for about 4 years. Initially this was a long jumper from missguided, but I hated the way it sat on the lower half of my body and it sat in my wardrobe unused for so long. Until I almost threw it away, and I was like you what, I think this would look cute cropped. Now it's one of my favourite items of clothing.The jeans I've had for about a year and a half, they were on sale in H&M for £10, can you believe it?! They still remain my favourite pair of jeans.

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