Sunday 25 February 2018

Times are changing...

Since LFW bumping into an array of other bloggers it's really made me question what direction I want this blog (that has been home to many thoughts and bad outfits over the past few years) to go in.  After having a brainstorming session with my girl Lizzie Vince (from LV Fashion), we both fantasied about our blogs turning into something and it has honestly given me so much inspiration to start producing better and more relevant content rather than just posting as and when. 

(Markus Lupfer / LFW)

So with that, I will now be posting twice a week (to begin with) every Tuesday and Thursday and something else that's extremely new to me, a vlog every Sunday (Starting from now)! So you'll have to bare with whilst I find my feet but hopefully this can be the start of a new Becky Jane Ryan. 

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