Wednesday 21 February 2018


So this season I want to take a different dynamic as to how I post about fashion week. I've been thinking a lot recently about what direction I want my blog to go in and honestly I just want to post about clothes and outfits I personally like. It's so easy to get caught up in trends and what everyone else is blogging about that you forget what you actually want to blog about for the sake of staying relevant. So this season I'm bring you my personal favourite shows and personal highlights for me, lets get started! 
Inspired by Margaret Ann Bulkley, an 1800s icon that had to disguise herself as a man in order to be able to practice as a surgeon, this is reflected in Aksu's masculine shapes as the first set of models emerge in beautifully tailored suits, all of deep colours, (my favourite being a black suit with red pinstripe), this slowly becomes more feminine as the show progresses and we see Bora's signature sheer tulle looks that are light and floaty, reflecting the contrast of Margaret's daily transition from lady to surgeon. 
As always Bora produces a beautiful and captivating collection, which inspires and empowers with its beautiful colours and flowing fabrics, I can't wait to see what he has in store for us next season.

Urban-luxe brand - Fortie Label, gave us a collection that felt more like an 90's R&B music video and it was incredible. Inspired by 'Fortie Thieves', an all-female crime syndicate, this was portrayed by the models throwing 100 dollar bills the catwalk, draped in beautiful fur, barely-there skirts, PVC, and oversized boiler suits, it really did give the feel that these models had just come from robbing a bank. It was empowering to watch these women walk with such confidence enriched with an old school R&B playlist, this really was a throwback collection. 

Every season I look forward to Edeline Lee's show, from back when she would show in the Painting Rooms to seeing her in the official showspace it's been such a pleasure to watch her grow. This season was very tranquil, she'd created a Garden of Eden with the gentle sound of gongs playing in the back ground. Her collection was the perfect balance, simple and elegant dresses in bold reds, deep blues, greens and purples, it reflected the autumn seasons perfectly. For the colder days, she presented beautiful wide-leg jacquard trousers, with dresses and coats to match. The detailing was beautiful and elegant. 

I was in tweed heaven whilst at Paul Costelloe's show on my final day of LFW. In a nod to British Heritage, Paul provided an up-to-date look on how we style tweed, pairing it with PVC was a risky move that paid off to create an elegant yet sultry look. There was also a mix of jacquard skirts with bold yellows and blues, combined with thigh high boots to complete the looks and make them that touch more enticing. There was also perfectly tailored suits for the gentleman, and even a tweed 3 piece thrown into the mix. Overall, this was Paul's modern take on classic British looks and IT WAS SO GOOD.

Last but not least, Paula Knorr was the final show of the season for me. It ended on a note of powerful looks and seductive sparkles, it was definitely the perfect touch to the end of the season. From glistening flares to beautiful, body hugging dresses all in bold block colours, and with the added touch of sheer pinstripe turtlenecks paired with layered flares, it's definitely something I would wear on a Saturday night out. Adding to the atmosphere was Laura Totenhagen, an experimental Jazz singer, who welcomed us all with layering her beautiful voice using a loop pedal to create a truly unique sound. It was such a lovely atmosphere. 

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