Saturday 3 February 2018

Fashion Week Survival Guide

January is finally over, which means fashion month can begin! 
Over the past few years of attending fashion week, I have learned what to do and what not to do to ensure that it is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. So if you're off to fashion week this season, here are some hints and tips! 

1. Pack your bag wisely. 

I'm pretty sure the first season I wen't to fashion week I wore a back-pack and crammed it with all of my make up, a hair brush, my camera, laptop, and just so much crap that I didn't even use that just caused me unnecessary back pain, keep in mind you're going to have to carry around your bag for the entire day. 
 My key items to pack are:
- Camera
- Camera Charger
- Compact Power Bank Phone Charger 
- Foundation, Eyeshadow, and Lipstick.
- Purse 
- Sunglasses 
- Headphones
- Book

2. Prioritise your shows. 

Don't over commit! Especially with LFW, the shows can be in opposite ends of the city, select the shows you actually want to see and allow plenty of time for queueing and travelling. It'll make the experience 100x more enjoyable! 

3. Arrive early.

We've all heard of fashionably late, but this doesn't apply to fashion week. You need to be at minimum 30 minutes early for shows, and prepare for them to be delayed too. If not you'll find yourself queuing and having to find a spot in the standing area to actually see the show, and if you are like me and you're a tiny 5ft 2" it is a huge struggle having to stand.

4. Check your camera settings before the show begins. 

So many times when I was starting out I would end up missing the best bits of shows because I was faffing around with my camera settings, and then I would end up with only half a shows worth of pictures and they were all crap quality that couldn't be saved with editing. 

5. Eat well and stay hydrated. 

It's so easy to get caught up in all the madness you forget to refuel properly. My go-to for quick and healthy food is always ITSU, and the vast majority of the time there will be someone handing out coconut water, so take full advantage of it. Super good for you and also free! 

6. Enjoy yourself. 

As stressful as fashion week can get, remember to enjoy yourself. Immerse yourself in everything that is happening, don't be scared to speak to people - pretty much everyone you'll come across will be lovely, take full advantage of the booze and enjoy the months of hard work designers have put in to make beautiful garments. Don't forget to live in the moment! 

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