Saturday 27 January 2018

Overcoming the January Blues

I'm not sure why but this month has felt like an entire year. It may be because payday was almost 5 weeks ago and I'm very quickly running out of money, or because the weather this month has just been never ending grey skies (luckily apart from my birthday). All of this combined with a lack of motivation and creative energy, I feel like I've hit a wall this month. 
However, I'm determined to get back on the right track and taking little steps to get there. So if you want to try these out too feel free to try them with me. 

1. Infused Water

So this one is a relatively new one, the company I work for has just given out infuser water bottles and I was so excited because they look so snazzy. So I tried out putting cucumber in it and leaving it in the fridge over night and it is actually so tasty! I'm feeling the benefit of it too! I can feel it keeping me naturally energised and it's made me enjoy drinking water again! 

2. Keeping a Diary

I think organisation is the key to feeling like you have some control over your life. Planning out your days in a diary or notebook help you keep on top of what you need to get done. It's also great for jotting down upcoming blog posts, ideas, future goals, you could literally use it to plan your life away. 

3. Down Time

I feel like when you're a blogger, especially when you work full time too, it can be easy to get  caught up in creating content and trying to execute all of your ideas at once. Rest days, days to just see your friends, or just days laying in bed in your PJ's all day watching Netflix, are so important, you need to allow time for your body to reset. I feel like the following day I have the most creative energy because I've prioritised myself and actually rested well.

4. Healthy Eating

Something I am struggling SO much with at the moment, this weather is making me want to comfort eat and I can't resist chocolate and snacking. However, I have made the effort to try and swap the chocolate and crisps for dried fruit and nuts, and I'm desperately trying to get into the habit of having eggs in the morning, but I'm hoping by February I can fully throw myself into it. The benefit of eating healthy is crazy, you feel way more ready for the day, you can see how drastically it improves your mood, it's so good for your skin, and it has endless benefits. 

5. Looking Forward

Last year I spent so much time reminiscing on how terrible the year had been and I was constantly beating myself down because of everything that has happened in my past, but it's just that, in the past. This year I'm trying to take a more positive approach, if I start feeling a bit down I just think of things I have to look forward too in the year, and remind myself that's what I'm working towards. Another day down, another day closer to doing something or going somewhere that you can feel at home! 

If anyone's got any other tips on how to get through these last few days of year please let me know! 

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