Thursday 16 November 2017

Thursday Blues

I feel like the days are flying by at the moment and that's a feeling I really hate. I feel like when the days go by so quickly you can't completely seize them, there are so many things I've planned to do, especially for this blog, but I feel like I don't have the time - that's what makes me sad. Blogging is such a good stress release for me and it's something I genuinely love to do, creates more stress for me that I can't find the time for it - rant over. 

Once again, I can't actually link you to any of these clothes because I'm so poor and these are all from 3 seasons ago - apart from my cherished Baby-G Watch, I can tell you that my jacket is from Zara, shoes from Boohoo, and my jeans are from Primark (they actually fit so well and they're super stretchy for when I want to pig out). 

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