Sunday 27 September 2015


Judy Wu
Unfortunately, my camera decided to break during Judy Wu's show, it refused to turn on so I ended up actually capturing very few items, so I'm just going to have to get you to visualise the collection. Judy's SS16 collection was all about exploring femininity, with a mixture of chiffon and organza, all frayed around the edges, she's displaying how women are both delicate, but strong. 

The collection started in all white, then eventually faded into bold bright colours and shiny metallics. The collection ranged from slouchy jumpers to beautiful night dresses, it was the perfect combination of ready to wear clothing with a hint of Wu's artistic talent, that gave it that extra something to make the collection special.

Min Wu
At Min Wu's LFW debut, her inspiration behind the collection was the fragility and strength in the structure of the human muscle, and how it can adjust and stretch. All of which can be seen from the likes of the elastic straps, or the pastel colours that make you feel like you're looking at a GCSE biology book. All in all, it was an absolutely beautiful collection. Colourful, playful, very youthful, she definitely made her mark on LFW.
Daniela Barros
Unfortunately I was slightly late in arriving to this Daniela's show, so when I got in the show was literally just starting, and I was let down by my small stature in being trapped behind photographers, so I had no idea what I was even shooting! I just held my camera up high and hoped for the best. But I did see the collection, it was so beautiful, the materials were a mixture of Japanese silk and denim  the colours were minimalistic, blacks, whites, deep blues, all ready to wear. I need these piece in my spring wardrobe! 

Who's your favourite designer?

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