Edeline Lee
Edeline Lee's collection was inspired by artist Richard Diebenkorn, and the way he worked with colour and composition. Edeline's colour palette consisted of mint greens, lime yellows, and lots of white. All of which perfectly complimented each other. It was a very fruity and playful collection with panels of colour, for some reason it also reminded me of the opening sequence of saved by the bell, I think those coconut water and vodkas were probably just getting to my head. My absolute favourite piece of the collection was the mint green maxi dress, I loved the colour and the simple design it's definitely something I'd want in my wardrobe.

Bora Aksu
Bora's collection was inspired by a mixture of his childhood summers spent in his families country home, in lush garden full of lemon, orange, and pomegranate trees, and the work of 20th century photographer and artist Etheldreda Laing, who was known for her vivid colour photos of her young daughters at their Oxford home. From this came an ethereal collection shown through light fabrics, silk tulle, contrasted against cottons and brocades, it was just mesmerising. 

What was your favourite collection at LFW?

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