Georgia Hardinge
Georgia's collection was probably my favourite throughout LFW, it was a pleated heaven. Her inspiration for this collection was zodiac signs, as you can see from the scorpion that has been laser cut into one of the cropped tops. The colours were beautiful as well, the simplicity of nudes, white, black, and the occasional splash of blood red or bright yellow, EVERYTHING WAS JUST SO PLEASING I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS COLLECTION. 

I loved the concept of YII's first womenswear collection, inspired by how carefree and creative we are as children, being able to pull inspiration almost out of thin air, this was reflected in his collection.  It consisted of lots of eggs, box shapes, oversized jackets and bright colours. YII definitely made a mark on LFW by bringing us back to our childhood.

Vinti Andrews
When you entered Vinti Andrews presentation located in Soho's Vinyl Factory, you felt like you'd just walked straight into the late 60's, with flared denim jeans, sequinned bomber jackets, and a loose fitted pale pink dresses, it definitely made you swoon. My absolute favourite garment is the sheer top with little tiny daisy details, it caught my eye as soon as I walked into the room and I am determined to add it to my wardrobe. 

Niro Wang
Before Niro Wang, I never knew you could do so much with linen. Niro Wang's collection makes you think of the seaside, the kind of clothes you'd wear over a bikini whilst you're walking down Brighton pier (depending on the weather), a mixture of playsuits, jumpsuits, culottes, and skirts, it was all ready to wear, it was very refreshing and calm to watch. 

Who's your favourite?

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