Friday 14 September 2018


Before I went to Amsterdam, like I'm sure everyone else does before they go on holiday, I researched all of the things I wanted to do. I only had 3 days there so I was trying desperately time and plan walking distances, trains etc but truth is it's a WHOLE different story when you get there. 

I certainly underestimated how big the city is, and how easy it is to go off plan because there's an overwhelming amount to do and see in Amsterdam. But I will tell you the things I did actually get round to doing. 

Sex Museum

Who doesn't want to hug a giant penis? The sex museum is everything you expect it to be and more, no-holes-barred (literally), everywhere you turn there's boobs, vaginas, and plenty of dicks everywhere. It's something you should experience at least once, maybe just once.

Vondel Park

Once of the most beautiful parks I've been too. If you're travelling on a budget, Vondel Park is your oasis. Have a picnic, listen to some music, grab some ice cream. You can stroll for hours and end up in a whole new area of the park. There's endless fountains, lakes, and streams for your relaxation. 

Red Light District

Amongst all of the neon lights and sex shops (which you should definitely go into, they have some of the nicest lingerie and every kind of sex toy you could think of), every strip club you walk past, there will be a women standing there in windows. It's funny, you can end up in the red light district without even realising. I was startled when I saw a lady waving in the window. But, I mean there's plenty to do in the red light. 

Escape Room - Elizabeth's - Logic Locks
Catacombs Horror Experience

Never in my life did I think I'd end up going to 2 escape rooms on holiday, but it completely made my experience. 

The first escape room we went too was just outside the centre in Sloterdijk and was hosted by a company called Logic Locks, I won't give too much away but the acting and the story was so immersive, you really put yourself in the position to try and figure out what happed in Elizabeth's life, and find out her secrets. I'd highly recommend attending anything that Logic Locks host. 

The second escape room we did was a paranormal horror experience (which I almost chickened out off, stick with it I promise it's so much fun) under a real church in catacombs, the anxiety kicked in as soon as I saw the church (see below). It is an extremely immersive and genuinely terrifying experience, but I've also never laughed and screamed so much in my life trying to get through too all the different rooms. This one is based a short walk from Amsterdam Centraal, and I would highly recommend going to it. 

Flower Market

The flower market gets a lot of bad rep for some reason, if you take your time to go round each market stall and really just enjoy being around beautiful, colourful flowers, it's a really wonderful place.


So this is one thing that upset me, the clothes abroad even in high street brands like H&M and Topshop STOCK WAY NICER CLOTHES. Like I felt hurt, they're keeping all the cute clothes for Europe, so whilst you're there make the most of clothes shopping, there's such a variety of high street names and independent shops, you can get yourself a whole new international wardrobe out there. 

MOOK Pancakes

I kid you not when I say having MOOK pancakes changed my life. I've never really been into pancakes, too me they've been a bit too stodgy and flavourless, and they definitely wouldn't have been my first choice. But this pancake, I had avocado, hummus, and peppers and it was the best thing I have ever tasted. I really wish they would open a shop in London because I need it in my life. I know they have 2 in Amsterdam, so find your closet one and go!


Wandering was my favourite thing to do. I'd wake up, shower, grab a croissant and some ice tea and walk without maps and just get lost in the city. It's so peaceful working your way to the centre through all the residential side streets and enjoying the beauty of the canals. It would be such a dream to live there. Walk as much as you can and see as much as you can. Everyone is lovely and welcoming, enjoy being there. 


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