Sunday 10 December 2017

BLOGMAS Day 7,8,9 & 10

So the last time I wrote was on the 6th of December, and a couple of things have happened since then. 

Thursday 7th December 
Thursday was the day of my new jobs Christmas party, and even though I didn't manage to get any photos of what I was wearing, I did manage to get a terrible, broken iPhone quality picture of the venue. It was at Denbie's Wine Estate, and it was such a beautiful venue. However, I did end up getting a bit too drunk and COMPLETELY obliterating my phone, hence why there hasn't been any new posts, I mean it's broken beyond repair.

Friday 7th December
I spent pretty much the entire day with a ridiculously horrible hangover, and getting through work was a struggle. Other than that it was pretty uneventful, I ate a lot of food and attempted to sleep off my hangover. 

Saturday 8th December
I spent Saturday adjusting to my new life without a phone, which was actually quite refreshing, everyone needs a bit of a technology detox once in a while. 
So Oli and I went on a winter walk to our local lake and enjoyed the fresh air without our screens. 

Sunday 10th December
Today was a happy day, I'm bought out the rest of my contract and I'm FINALLY out of my 2 year contract with EE!! It has been a bloody long 2 years. So, I've treated myself to an early Christmas and got the iPhone 8 (kind of wishing I'd got the plus for the portrait mode, but ah well) so I actually have a fully functioning phone now, I am so happy! It's also officially 2 weeks until Christmas, I AM SO EXCITEEEEEEED.

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