Tuesday 21 November 2017


As much as I post of my body, self confidence has always been a big issue in my life, especially when it comes to how I look. I have NEVER been good at doing my make up, I always try my best and watch endless tutorials but nothing really sits right on my face, so my body has ALWAYS been my fall back when it comes to something I'm confident about. Over this past year my body has experienced a lot of changes, at the beginning of this year I was a completely different person to who I am now. 

I've always been weight-conscious, I know I'm tiny but when you've been tiny your whole life and you're suddenly a stone and half heavier within a couple of months it is a HUGE adjustment, I was so happy with my body so it's been a bloody journey to get to the point I am now where I can post pictures like this again (always had love for my tiny butt though).
Even during shooting this, I was saying to Oli that I didn't feel comfortable in how I looked in the photos - I am literally longing for a flat stomach again - but after some reassurance he reminded me that my body is perfectly fine the way it is, sometimes you do just need that extra reminder for someone to say that you are okay. 
Always helps boost my confidence prancing around in lingerie with my hair all done, even if it isn't particularly glamourous. I've been obsessing over velvet bras, and I found this Velvet Triangle Bra in H&M and fell in love! Sadly, they didn't have any underwear I could see that matched, so I tried to find the closest colour alternative/comfiest looking underwear to match, and just got a 3-Pack of String Briefs, sadly though my favourite little booty shorts are from Primark so I can't link them, but if you do come across them they're only £4/£5, invest! They're so worth it. 

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