Friday 3 November 2017


Autumn/Winter is the best season! Until you're under-prepared and have cut all of your jeans into shorts and all of your comfy tops into crop tops, adding salt to the wound with the fact you physically cannot afford to buy now clothes, you just have to get creative with what you've got.

So with my lack of suitable clothes and my lack of money, I searched deep in my pile of old clothes that hasn't been touched in years that I've only kept because I thought "there might be an occasion that I need this for", and past me was right! Now is my time to wear my neglected clothes.
Please excuse the dramatic posing, it's really hard to be your own photographer without a tripod, I was balance my camera on an empty amazon box. Doesn't help either when you only have one good side and there happens to be a wardrobe in your posing space. 
Back to the outfit anyway! I used my lovely value-for-money Pep & Co duster jacket as a dress, and secured it down with my favourite Zara belt that came with a biker jacket (featured 2 posts ago!) and added a touch of class with my Zara Chelsea boots, and M&S Top Handle Tote Bag

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