Monday 16 October 2017


 I'm not going to lie, I really don't have a skincare routine, 99% of the time I'm not wearing make up (due to my job, I work in a Wetherspoons kitchen so you can imagine the grease and heat that gets all up in my face) and I wash my face when I have a shower and that's about it. However, when I put make up on for the first time yesterday my skin was so dry and horrible and as I'm leaving my job in 3 days I feel like I don't have an excuse to take better care of my skin. 
So this is going to be my new routine, if you have ANY suggestions on good products for dry skin please let me know, or any suggestions on just how to better your skin in general I am open to anything! 
I started off using my normal make up wipes, I honestly swear by these make up wipes, I've used them for years and they've always been the best for my skin. 

(I picked up all of these from Tesco's but I'm sure you can get them in any beauty store.)
After getting all of my make up off I wash my face with warm water and a cotton pad to open  up my pores before I start cleaning my face, especially focusing on my nose to make sure the nose strips can lift off all the crap. 
After thoroughly wetting your nose, place the strip over your nose and press down in your worst affected areas, set your alarm for 10 minutes and let the strip work it's magic. (Thankfully this strip isn't actually too painful to remove, and if it is you can just rub water over the top of the strip to help it come off more easily.) It makes your nose feel so soft and clean all week, they are the best strips I've used.
I was so excited to try these moisturising face masks, I've seen them floating around loads on social media so I really wanted to give them a try, they were only £2 too and it's recommended to use them once a week so £8 a month is not bad at all.
When you first pull them out of the packet they are so wet, I was expecting them to be the consistency of a make up wipe but it feels like you've just pulled them out of a bowl of water.  You position it on your face and then peel off the blue layer, and readjust accordingly.
You leave these masks on for 15 minutes, and I was actually really impressed with them. It's been 12 hours since and my skin feels so soft and my dry patches are gone! The real test will be over the next few days enduring my last days in the kitchen, but I would highly recommend these products. We'll see how my skin goes over the next month using these but I have high hopes, I'll keep you updated.

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