Tuesday 24 October 2017

Being Organised

For anyone that knows me personally, they'll know that I was the most unorganised person. I'd always be at least an hour late to everything, I'd double book myself constantly but still try and fulfil both commitments, and I was pretty much just a mess in general. However, just over a month ago I was laying in bed being unproductive as usual, just scrolling through my feed on Facebook hoping to come across some good dog memes and I ended up coming across this video:
I love doing anything that allows me to be creative, and the way they portrayed the bullet journal in the video just looked like such a cool and fun way to stay organised. I've been using it for exactly a month now and I love it! I bought a lined journal and some multi-coloured pens from Tesco and some washi tape from Hobby Craft all for under £15!
 I organise it by planning out my week ahead every Sunday, I make it all colour co-ordinated too just to make it a bit more fun to look at. I've also organised future blog post ideas with the washi tape and colour co-ordinated each section of my blog to its own page. It's made such a positive change to my life, I've gone from constantly feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to do, to actually enjoying planning out my days and keeping myself busy, I've realised that if you are organised and efficient you can do SO MUCH MORE with your day. I definitely feel more at peace with myself for being organised. The beauty of a journal too is you can use it for absolutely anything! It can be your diary, your financial organiser, quotes to motivate you through the day, a memory holder. Get creative! 
Other ways to keep yourself organised and a good way of getting into the habit is to make little changes to you day:
- Make your bed before you leave the house. 
- Give your room a clean every other day before you go to sleep (I do ALWAYS make a mess when I get dressed in the morning, so this is something I try and keep too, nothing worse than coming home to a mess).
- If something is going to take less than 5 minutes to do, do it! 
- Try and go on walks, it's such a good way to clear your head and reset yourself! 
-  Make sure you set aside time to do absolutely nothing, everyone needs a break.
I'd highly recommend adopting being more proactive and organised to anyone that feels like they need to regain some control in their life, it 100% helps and it's also just a really fun thing to do! 

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