Sunday 26 August 2018


I can say with my whole heart, I've never felt more love for a city than Amsterdam. 

I don't know if it's because of all the wonderfully friendly locals that make you feel so welcome — something you definitely won't experience in London, or if it's the complete inner peace (NOT induced by drugs) you feel having a break by one of the many canals that make up the city. 

Staying in a Zoku Loft definitely enhanced the magic of my experience.

 Have you ever had it when you're scouring through multiple different websites looking for the perfect place to stay, and then suddenly one hotel or apartment just grabs your attention? This is the effect Zoku had on me. As soon as I saw it I told myself I had to stay there. 

I'll never forget the feeling of entering the building for the first time, not only was the air con beautiful in 35 degree heat, but I've never felt more at peace being greeted by complete strangers like they'd known me my whole life. It really felt like you were part of a community. 
I had spent my first 2 hours in the city relaxing on the Zoku rooftop in a hammock, with a book and a ginger beer doing sweet nothing — you'll see pictures as you scroll. If you've come from instagram or twitter, you would've seen the video. 

Then I was given my key card. I've never felt so much excitement waiting to see a room. 

I can tell you I have never been more speechless in my life. I stayed in the Zoku XL Skinny Bridge View Loft and oh ma gaaaaaaaad it was wild. I literally ran around the apartment screaming because I couldn't believe it was actually real, and I was ridiculously excited to have a king sized bed to myself for a few days too. 
 The room came fully equip for all of your needs, it had a kitchenette including pots, pans, spatulas, everything a normal kitchen would have with enough utensils for 4 (they also had a supply closet so you could get more if need be), they even had seasoning and olive oil! Perfect for a dinner and drinks party! 

To list off the other perks of the room: 
  • Desk with Stationary 
  • Safe
  • 2 Wardrobes
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • King Sized Bed (COMFIEST BED EVER)
  • Exercise Rings (couldn't do it, too weak) 
  • Incredible View 
  • Sofa
  • TV with International Channels 
  • Dining Table with 4 Chairs
  • The COMFIEST slippers that have ever blessed my feet
  • Automatic Blackout Blinds
  • Nespresso Coffee Machine
I don't even think that's it to be honest, it was just the most incredible place. They had truly considered everything, even down to having plants in the room. That is how I want my future apartment to be.
 I really feel like I have so much more to say about Zoku but a month later I am still speechless. I cannot thank you enough for your kind hospitality and wonderful memories. If you're going to Amsterdam anytime soon I'd highly recommend staying here. Chill on the rooftop, have a cocktail or some homemade food, or just relax a hammock with a cigarette and enjoy the view. 

I also forgot to add it's 20 minute walk into the centre, 2 minutes from a supermarket (which you can see from your window), and only a 6 minute walk from the zoo! 


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