Friday 19 January 2018


So I'm officially an adult! On Tuesday I turned 21 years old. It's weird because I can remember in my first year of college saying that I wanted to be moved out and in my dream job (still trying to figure out what my dream job is) by the time I was 21, I thought my life would've been COMPLETELY different. However, as much as it has been a struggle at times I'm really happy in the position I'm in now, does anyone really have it all figured out at 21?

I spent my 21st surrounded by my wonderful family on a day trip to Brighton, and we were so fortunate that it was actually really sunny in the middle of January, honestly this is the first year I've ever seen the sun on my birthday. We started off our day by eating at the wonderful Lost in the Lanes and it had by far the best avocado on toast I've ever eaten. I ordered some extra homemade hash browns and it came with the most delicious pickled chilli, I could eat it every single day. 
Although we got lucky seeing the sunshine, we weren't so lucky with the wind. That is why you won't find any photos of me on this post as I was windswept to the high heavens, it wasn't a good look. 
We battled through and headed to the pier to play some arcade games and to my surprise I actually bloody won a toy! It was a cute little frenchie teddy in an elephant onesie (don't be deceived by the photo below, we didn't win that one), then my sister and I relieved our childhood by playing on the dance mat - the arcade is my favourite place.
After we'd blown all of our money, we headed over to Bohemia for a cocktail, I didn't really know what to expect initially but I was pleasantly surprised when our table had Pac-Man and Space Invaders and they also presented my Porn-Star Martini with liquid nitrogen, it looked incredible!
After finishing our drinks we headed over to Churchill Square to do some shopping, I was going to show you what I bought, but I'll save that for another post. 
To end our day, we finished off at No 32 for dinner, which is one of my favourite places just for how beautiful the interior is, you should definitely check it out. 
As my family is so amazing, I came home to 2 homemade cakes from my wonderful boyfriend and sister. It was such a lovely day and was such a nice way to enter adulthood, I feel more mature already. 
I spent the following day relaxing with Oliver, mostly in bed, but also in a lovely little country pub in Brockham called The Grumpy Mole.
 I had the most wonderful 21st and I've decided that I'll continue the celebration until the 16th of February, just because. 

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