Thursday 30 November 2017


So my first month at my new job has gone EXTREMELY well, and to top it off it's payday! I cannot wait to be able to go out and drink, and eat nice food, and splash money on clothes, I'm hoping my blog is going to get a lot more interesting now. Get ready for a re-launch!

Anyway, this is one of my favourite lingerie sets - I'm obsessed with embroidered flowers, especially roses, so naturally this caught my eye. I actually bought it back in February as a valentines set but I think it's actually quite fitting as a Christmas set too! 
I'm wearing the Celia Bra & Celia Thong from Ann Summers and I actually went a size down from my normal bra size as the it didn't fit as well with my normal bra size, but I love how it looks, balcony bras are my FAVOURITE kind too!

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