Monday 8 December 2014

Clothes Show Live / DAY 3

Today was my final day at the clothes show! I was so sad to leave because this weekend has gone so quickly it's so sad, but I absolutely loved every minute of it! First thing of the morning was the photo call for Charlotte Crosby, and I have to say she looked absolutely incredible. 

And as it was my final day, I was determined to hunt down all the celebs I could, however there must of been something going round in the VIP room as loads of them were off ill, but anyway, after seeing Charlotte I ran straight to the pap pen, and who else was there other than Oliver Proudlock and Spencer Matthews, they were probably my most photographed people just because I kept running into them everywhere! But they're so lovely and always happy to pose for pictures!

I ran around to all the signing areas and meet and greet areas, as it was 10am there weren't too many people around, so I went back to the press room and chilled out for a bit. I got talking to some photographers and they said they were about to go and photography Amy Childs, so they bought me along with them and we headed to her stand! I have to say Amy Childs and her mum, Julie, were the loveliest people I've ever met! Who knew someone could look so good in a onesie! 

After meeting the beautiful Amy Childs, we were on the hunt for more, we ended up finding Stevie from Made In Chelsea at the Hampton's bar, who are sponsored by Peugeot, he was kind enough to get in front of the car and let us take some pictures of him! 

We then also bumped into Spencer in the pap pen again! 

After all of this, we went on a little walk, just to see if anything was happening, and we came across a huge queue outside Charlotte's stand, so we assumed Charlotte must be in there, we went in and asked to take a couple of shots of her, and she was so lovely, she told me she loved what I was wearing and I could've a cried a little, she looked absolutely incredible, I love her range so much, definitely go and check it out!

After all the celeb snapping, we went back to the press room to refuel and have a drink, then my sister and I decided it was time for a bit of shopping! I have never in my life bought so much stuff (which I will do a haul for)! We also came across the Hot!MeSS stand and saw the beautiful Liza Owens! 

(I'm sorry this is such a long post by the way, it was such a busy day!) 

After shopping for a bit, it was time for me to hit up the fashion theatre for my last show, and of course there was a topless man handing out goodie bags!

and the amazingly talented Bella Mac, who gave a fantastic performance!

I left after Bella Mac as I'd already seen the performance, but it was incredible! 

I then headed over to the Imagine Catwalk to watch the graduate show which was my absolutely favourite part of the clothes show, and who did I see other than Spencer and Jamie once again! (They must have thought I was stalking them or something) 

before the graduate catwalk they held a catwalk competition to win signed goodie bags! 
Anyway, it was now time for the graduates to display their collections!

I love every piece that comes down that catwalk, they're all so different and I could definitely see most of these piece strutting down the catwalk at LFW! 

By this time it was 5:30, we were all shopped out and it was almost time to go home! So I ran around the arena doing final checks just to see if any celebs were still out, and I came across Jamie at his Candy Kitten stand doing signings and photos, so I went and said hi and he gave me some of his sweets and posed for a picture like the beauty he is! 

and you'll never guess who I found again, Spencer! By this time it was ridiculous I'd literally seen him all day, so I cut through the Hampton's bar and went to take pictures of him, and when he saw me he just pointed at me and said "I recognise you!" which kind of made my day a lot, I would've been surprised if he didn't know who I was by now, I'd been taking pictures of him all day! 

After seeing Spencer, my sister and I decided to call it a day and pack up our stuff and go, but it was genuinely one of the best experiences I've had in my life, I could definitely see myself doing this in the future, and just meeting everyone and seeing how lovely they were was so nice, if you're a blogger or photographer, definitely apply to go next year, you 100% won't regret it! 

See you next year Clothes Show Live, thank you for having me! 

Becky x

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