I have to say, Nasir Mazhar's SS15 Collection is one of my favourites this season, I'm not sure if it's because it's more street wear compared to some other designers, or if it's because of the variety of models that showed his collection off. 

(Photo Credits: Lea Colombo)

Nasir Mazhar can do no wrong, his collections will never disappoint. My favourite ever collection would definitely have to be his SS14, it displayed a different mixture of models, straying from the traditional 5ft 8, super skinny supermodels, he displayed what different kinds of women look like and it made me feel proud. 

The outfit from the SS14 that made me fall in love with this collection the most was this:

I can't describe what I love about it most, the colour, the fabric, the backpack. It's just incredible all over. Nasir Mazhar is forever going to be doing great things, keep a watch out for him!

Becky Ryan


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