Thursday 4 September 2014

Inspirations - Elizabeth Bishop

I would like to dedicate my first ever real blog post Elizabeth Jane Bishop (I'll link all of her stuff at the end), the first time I ever came across her was probably on tumblr when she was known best as c4stle, from that day onwards she has probably been one of my biggest inspirations, how successful and accomplished she's become in such a short amount of time at a young age, I aspire to follow in her footsteps. 

As we all do, we go through different phases of how we dress, unfortunately I experimented too much and would rather forget how I used to dress when I was 14/15 so she definitely helped me over come that! 

Anyway, the first time Elizabeth had a major impact on the way I looked at fashion and absolutely changed the way I dressed was after seeing this video:

Autumn Approaches from chuck noah on Vimeo.

I'm not sure why this had such a dramatic impact, I think it was just how well styled, confident and comfortable she looked in her clothes, and from then on I started to experiment more with monochrome and I'm pretty sure 90% of my clothes are either black or white.

Also, I was introduced to the Hot!MeSS (highly recommend checking them out, the SS14 collection is unbelievable) brand due to Elizabeth and this had also opened my eyes to a new world of colour, and experimentation to different patterns and fabrics and now the other 10% of my wardrobe is colourful with a mixture of baby pinks, blues and greens which I can mix and match with my black and whites so it all worked out quite nicely!

This outfit and styling for me was iconic, the fishtails with the choker and dark red lipstick against the cropped red jumper, just everything is flawless, the mixture of red and black goes together so well and there's not too much or too little of anything and it just left me speechless, I don't think anyone else could pull it off as well.

Following on from that, it's not just her clothes that inspire me it's also the hair and make up, it always looks completely flawless! Personally, my favourites are either the fishtails or this: 

It is an absolutely gorgeous natural and neutral look, it's simple however it stands out a lot, I would love to be able to pull of this hairstyle but I wouldn't know where to start! 

I definitely idolise Elizabeth very much, and cannot thank her enough for the way she's changed how I see things and how she's influenced me, I wish her all the success and happiness she deserves! 

Elizabeth Bishop:
Instagram: elizabethjanebishop
Twitter: elizabethbishp

Becky x

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